German voters most pro-European

German voters are among the most pro-European and migrant-friendly in the EU a new survey of eight countries reveals.

According to a new YouGov poll, some 70 per cent of Germans said EU membership was a good thing for their country. What’s more, the fewest percentage of Germans (34 per cent) believed that there should be no more immigration in their country.

Polish voters were as supportive of EU membership as Germans, while Spain (65 per cent), Hungary (64 per cent), and Italy (57 per cent) also polled highly.

But support was just 55 per cent in Belgium and Sweden, and only 51 per cent in France – the lowest of the eight countries in the survey.

In overall figures, immigration came out as the voters’ top concern (35 per cent), followed by climate change (29 per cent), security (23 per cent), economic inequality (18 per cent), and national debt (18 per cent).

German and French voters bucked the trend, being the only countries to name something other than immigration as their biggest concern. Both nations voted that climate change was a bigger worry than migrants.

In Italy and Poland, 53 per cent of voters felt that the country should not take in any more migrants, while in Sweden, which took in the most migrants per capita in recent years, the majority also supported taking in no more migrants (51 per cent).

Article published 14th May 2019