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Guide to Emigrating to New Zealand and Australia

Australia and New Zealand Guide

Australia and New Zealand Guide

In the early noughties, a majority of those who were looking to sample a new life abroad were doing so mainly for lifestyle reasons – the chance to take advantage of what other countries had to offer for no other reason than that they could. In recent years, however, due largely to the global financial crisis, the number one motivation for moving abroad has become economic factors. People looking to kick-start their career in pastures new, maybe having been made redundant in their home country and unable to and anything new, are now the leading source of immigrants.

One thing in this period has remained fairly constant, though: The popularity of Australia and New Zealand as potential emigration destinations. Even though both countries have not suffered from the global economic crisis as much as most other developed nations, they have remained two of the most popular destinations for immigrants throughout.

To many migrants, it would seem, these two Antipodean countries offer newcomers the ideal combination of long lauded lifestyle benefits and the chance to succeed. No matter what your own particular reason is for looking to explore the possibilities awaiting you on the other side of the world, hopefully this guide can give you some idea of what to expect from a life in either country.

In this guide you will find out more about what it’s like to live in both – but we don’t want you to just take our word for this. We’ve spoken to a number of expats living in Australia and New Zealand, and their accounts of their new lives are sure to make for invaluable, and enlightening, reading.

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