IAA outlines importance of licensed advisers

The New Zealand Immigration Advisers Authority (IAA) is launching a new campaign designed to increase understanding of the group’s licensed adviser register and the risks associated with using unlicensed immigration advisers.

“Unfortunately, there are people who operate unlawfully and are unlicensed,” explains Catherine Albiston registrar of the authority. “With the amount of information available in today’s world, it can be difficult deciphering who to trust.

“That’s why the IAA offers a free register of licensed advisers on our website. Anyone seeking immigration advice should only use a licensed immigration adviser or an exempt person,” she adds.

Exempt persons, Albiston says, include Immigration New Zealand, Citizens Advice Bureaux, Community Law Centres, and New Zealand lawyers.

“Licensed immigration advisers have specialist expertise and have met competency standards,” the registrar continues. “They follow a code of conduct that requires them to be honest and respectful. People who are not licensed or exempt can share publicly available information or help friends and family occasionally, but cannot provide immigration advice.”

The IAA is responsible for issuing licences to advisers and handles complaints related to poor immigration advice. The IAA does not provide immigration advice.

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Article published 23rd January 2017