Immigration boosts Czech Republic population

Immigration has helped to increase the population of the Czech Republic by over 290,000 people in just ten years.

According to recently released demographic figures from the Czech Statistical Office (CSU), the Czech Republic is currently home to 10,578,820 inhabitants. This is 291,600 people higher than it was a decade ago, with much of the increase fuelled by international immigration.

Between 2012 and 2016, a total of 24,900 Slovakians, 5,800 Russians, 5,400 Germans, 5,300 Romanians and 4,700 Bulgarians moved to the Czech Republic. In the same period, only 6,300 residents of the Czech Republic moved abroad.

Yet more immigrants are still needed to help combat an ageing population.

Although the birth rate has increased recently, the Czech population is ageing. According the CSU’s figure, the average age of Czech inhabitants is 42 years old. Children under the age of 15 made up 15.6 per cent of the total population, while those aged over 65 accounted for almost 19 per cent.

Article published 4th October 2017