Immigration control important to British public

A new poll has revealed that the majority of Brits believe that the UK having more control over immigration is ‘important’ or ‘essential’ going forward.

The Ipsos-Mori poll asked respondents a range of questions about their views on a variety of political issues, with a key focus on Brexit.

For each subject covered in the poll, respondents were able to state whether the importance of a particular issue was: essential, very important, fairly important, not very important or not at all important.

Britain taking control of its Immigration future was deemed as the most important issue by the respondents. A total of 63 per cent stated that it was ‘essential’ or ‘very important’ for the UK government to assume full control of immigration in the wake of Brexit. This figure has risen from 61 per cent when a similar survey was conducted back in March.

As for the aim of trying to keep Britain in the single-market, 45 per cent of respondents believed that this was essential or very important. However, this figure rises to 69 per cent when those who said they felt keeping single-market membership was “fairly important” are added to the equation.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, given the government’s disappointing result at last month’s election, the poll’s respondents were not happy with the job the government is doing regarding the Brexit talks.

Fifty-eight per cent said they thought the government was doing a bad job of handling the Brexit talks, compared to the 31 per cent who felt they were doing a good job. Furthermore, a total of 55 per cent believed that Prime Minister Theresa May is doing a bad job when it comes to handling Brexit compared to the 31 per cent who said they think she is doing a good job.

Back in December, a similar poll found the exact opposite was the case, with 51 per cent supportive of the PM and only 35 per cent feeling she was doing a bad job.

Article published 26th June 2017