India largest source country for UK-bound skilled immigrants

Migrants from India accounted for the largest number of non-EU based skilled immigrants arriving in the UK last year, figures taken from the newest Migration Statistics Quarterly Report show.

The latest Office of National Statistics data shows that Indian nationals accounted for 57 per cent of all skilled work visas granted in 2015, meaning 52,109 of the total 91,833 skilled workers who entered the UK from outside of the EU last year came from India. Indian skilled professionals also topped the number of National Insurance registrations, with 34,000 being issued during the year

Immigrants from the United States were the second-largest non-EU nationality group arriving in the UK, with 9,981 (or 11 per cent) skilled workers arriving from across the Pond.

In terms of the number of student visas granted, international students from China clearly continue to value the benefits of a British education, with 70,515 Chinese people studying in the UK last year. Students from the US were the second best represented group (13,970), followed by those from India (10,705).

Overall, net migration in the UK was estimated to be around 333,000 in the year to 31st December 2015 – 20,000 up from the year ending December 2014.

Significantly, the figure for EU-only net migration was a record 184,000 – a statistic that is almost certain to be used by ‘Leave’ campaigners ahead of June’s Brexit vote, to highlight how Union membership does not allow the UK to manage its immigration programme.

Article by David Fuller