International schools eye British teachers

New research reveals that tens of thousands of British-trained teachers could pursue careers at international schools over the next few years.

According to ISC Research, International schools plan to hire an additional 145,000 teachers from the British Isles over the next decade.

This would more than double the number of British teachers working abroad. The latest figures show that in 2014-15, around 100,000 full-time British teachers were working in international schools.

Higher salaries, free or subsidised accommodation and flights, medical insurance and career development are all motivating factors for teachers planning a career abroad.

Just under 28,000 people trained to become teachers in England in 2017-18. This means that international schools would have to snap up over half of all the UK trainee teachers over the next ten years to meet their targets.

What’s more, TEFL Org UK, a company that trains people from the UK to teach English as a foreign language abroad, is also expecting to see an increase in the numbers of qualified teachers enrolling in its courses.

Currently, around 16,000 British teachers are trained by TEFL Org UK annually, but it is expected that this figure will rise to 20,000 in the coming year.

Article published 20th June 2018