International students flocking to Canada

Some Canadian universities have recorded a sharp rise in the number of international students studying there.

The University of Toronto, Canada’s top choice for international students, enrolled 17,452 international students in undergraduate and graduate programs last year, making up about 20 per cent of the overall student body. That compares to just 7,380 international students, comprising about 10 per cent of the total student population, a decade ago, in 2007.

Meanwhile, the county’s second most popular university, has seen its international numbers go from 9,144 in 2012 to 14,433 in 2016.

And it is believed that 2017-18 will be a record year for international student enrolments in Canada. The election of President Donald Trump last year led to a huge increase in the number of American students looking to study across the northern border. And Trump’s election isn’t the only global issue that could lead international students towards Canada.

“Clearly there are things about the international situation – worries about stability, Brexit and the US political environment – that have changed or increased international students’ interest in looking beyond their own countries and beyond the US,” said Richard Levin, executive director of enrolment services and university registrar. “Now in places like that, students are looking for alternatives and Canada is presenting as a good one in terms of stability, safety and inclusiveness.”

According to the Canadian Bureau for International Education, some of the main countries the students come from to study in Canada include China, India, South Korea, France, the U.S., Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Japan and Brazil.

In recent months, Canada’s Immigration Minister, Ahmed Hussen travelled to Europe and several countries in Africa to speak to students and highlight the express-entry system that fast-tracks applications, as well as other programs that help students settle in Canada long-term.

Article published 4th September 2017