Irish woman becomes first same-sex marriage citizen

An Irish immigrant last week became the first US immigrant to ever be awarded American citizenship on the basis of a same sex marriage.

Same Sex Immigration

On 3rd July, Irish immigrant Cathy Davis was awarded a Green Card through her marriage to American citizen Catriona Dowling, presenting a major victory to the DOMA Project who formed in 2010 to tackle the existing Defence of Marriage Act. Through that Act, married same sex couples, even those wed in states where same-sex unions were legal, had no federal recognition, meaning they couldn’t assume citizenship after meeting the residency requirements.

“We’re very excited and relieved, we’re over the moon for ourselves and for all families seeking equality,” the couple said in a statement released by the DOMA Project.

However, it remains to be seen whether the US Citizenship and Immigration Service will now afford all same sex marriages the same benefits and opportunities as straight couples.

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