Kiwis keen on life in the UK

A new poll reveals that New Zealanders would relish the chance for easier access to live and work in the UK.

NZ to UKEarlier this week the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, revealed that he believes it should be made easier for citizens of Commonwealth countries to be able to move to the UK, while UK Visas and Immigration has recently launched a priority visa application service for NZ residents.

And according to a survey carried out by, Kiwis widely agree with the Mayor’s proposal, with 84 per cent of those polled saying they would welcome a more open immigration policy for moving to the UK.

Speaking to the website, NZ citizen Kayla McCallum said: “I love the history and the politics of the UK. There is a great going out and music scene and just a huge amount of opportunities to undertake.

“I would love to do something in customer service or in the early childhood field. I am hoping I will be able to qualify for an ancestry passport because my grandmother is English and still holds her passport.

“But getting the laws relaxed for other Kiwis who don’t have that same opportunity would be great.”

According to recent New Zealand Immigration statistics, in the year to July 2013, 8,022 New Zealanders moved to the UK on either a temporary or long-term basis. In the same period, the number of UK citizens who moved to NZ was 14,375.