Leaked document provides future immigration clues

A leaked government document suggests that low-skilled immigration to the UK will be curbed following Brexit.

The document, obtained by The Guardian, suggests that the UK will adopt a “more selective approach” based on the UK’s economic and social needs from 2019. Some industries which aren’t facing skills shortages may be denied access to any EU-based workers.

Entitled ‘The Border, Immigration and Citizenship System After the UK Leaves the EU’, the document suggests that post-Brexit any low-skilled migrant would be offered residency for a maximum of only two years. Those in “high-skilled occupations” would be granted permits to work for a longer period of between three to five years.

“The government will take a view on the economic and social needs of the country as regards EU migration, rather than leaving this decision entirely to those wishing to come here and employers,” the document states.

It also suggests that there will be restrictions placed on an EU worker’s right to bring family members with them when they enter the UK.

The government has so far declined to comment on the leaked document, stating that it is policy not to comment on “leaked draft documents.”

The government has previously stated that it would be setting out their “initial proposals” for a new immigration system “which takes back control of the UK’s borders” later in the autumn.

Article published 6th September 2017