Limb family ready to offer a helping hand

New figures show that More than 19,200 people from 193 different countries became Canadian citizens at citizenship ceremonies held across Canada during February. And one person to hoping to help swell that number over the coming months is Andrew Limb.

Canadian BoyBritish-born Andrew, who worked as a bricklayer in the UK, emigrated to Canada with his family – wife and two children – in September 2009 and has recently submitted an application to become a Canadian citizen. His original desire to emigrate had been fuelled by visits to various Emigrate shows, during which he found out plenty of information regarding the emigration process, made some more than useful contacts and discovered he was eligible to move to British Columbia via the Provincial nomination Programme.

 “The contacts I made at the show enabled me to secure a job which was a vital part of securing our initial visa,” explains Andrew. “On my first visit to Canada to carry out more research I met up with people I had originally met at the Emigrate shows, and they helped guide us through various aspects… the schools process, obtaining a doctor, real estate, etcetera. All the everyday subjects that are important if you are moving to a new country with a family.”

Since arriving in the country and settling close to Victoria – BC’s picturesque capital city, located on Vancouver Island – the Limb family haven’t looked back. “We now enjoy a quality of life that surpasses anything we had in the UK,” enthuses Andrew. “We live on a beautiful island with a great environment for children to grow up in. We’re close to sports, shops and the sea, while the big cities of Vancouver and Seattle are a mere day trip away.”

middlewoodcottageIn fact, so enamoured has the Limb family become with their life in Canada, that, not only are they hoping to become bona-fide Canadian citizens in the near future, they’re now looking to share a slice of it with others.

 “We live on a two-acre property located about 45 minutes from Victoria,” explains Andrew. “On this plot we have built a two-bedroom, self-contained cottage property. We wish to let the property on a short-term basis and we would like to offer it to people who are thinking of following the same path as we did. Anyone who stays with us will also get the added bonus of being able to ask us for any advice relevant and recommendations of businesses we used who delivered good services or a decent product,” he concludes.

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