Many voters still unsure over Brexit vote

A new opinion poll regarding June’s Brexit referendum reveals that a large number of voters are still undecided over which way to vote.

The latest ORB poll released today, carried out on behalf of The Telegraph, reveals that one in five voters are still unsure over which way to vote in June. And with the poll hinting that the outcome is far from certain, the undecided voters could have the power to swing the decision for the UK to leave or remain in the EU.

The newly released data, with current likely known turnout taken into account, shows that the Remain campaign is still slightly ahead in the predicted outcome, although the Leave campaign has closed the gap over the past week. Remain has seen a two-point decline in support to 51 per cent over the past seven days, while Leave has enjoyed a two-point increase to 43 per cent.

However, expectations stays overwhelmingly in favour of an ‘In’ vote come June. Almost three fifths (57 per cent) of voters still believe the Remain camp will win the day, with only 21 per cent believing the same for Leave and just under a quarter (22 per cent) of people unsure of the outcome.

An ’Out’ vote would have lasting consequences for British expats living in other EU countries, and indeed for those EU expats living in the UK. Quite what impact such an outcome would have, though, is still unknown, with experts believing that the political wranglings that would ensue from the UK deciding to leave the EU likely to take years to resolve.

Article by David Fuller