Mexico tops retirement index

Mexico has been named as the best country to retire to in an annual survey.

The 2017 annual Global Retirement Index, carried out by International Living, lists 23 countries that are considered great options for retired people, based on a number of factors. Such factors include, how much is it to rent there? Can you catch a movie in English? What is the average humidity? How much does a doctor’s visit cost? Do they speak English? And many more besides.

Mexico came out on top due to a combination of a cheap cost of living, friendly locals, the English language being widely spoken and affordable healthcare. Over 60s are also entitled to discounts for numerous things including groceries and medical care.

Given that International Living is widely read by a largely American audience, it is no real surprise that the top ten rankings are dominated by Latin and South American countries.

Following Mexico, the next four countries are all in this region: Panama, Costa Rica, Columbia and Ecuador. Nicaragua is ranked in eighth position.

Three European destinations make the top ten. Spain is seventh, Portugal in ninth and Malta is tenth.

Spain’s attractions included a low cost of living, good climate and a relaxed lifestyle. Portugal’s plus points were similar, while Malta ranked so highly mainly because it excellent standard, and extremely affordable, healthcare services.

The only other country in the top ten was Malaysia (in sixth place), which was praised for its low living costs, stunning scenery and brilliant healthcare.

Top ten retirement destinations

  1. Mexico
  2. Panama
  3. Costa Rica
  4. Columbia
  5. Ecuador
  6. Malaysia
  7. Spain
  8. Nicaragua
  9. Portugal
  10. Malta

Article published 6th January 2017