More NZ visa applicants applying online

One million people have taken the opportunity to apply online for their New Zealand Student, Work and Visitor Visas, Immigration New Zealand figures show.

Over 85 per cent of all New Zealand visa types can now be made digitally, with most web-based applications coming from China and India.

“Immigration ONLINE is about making the visa application process as efficient as possible for people looking to study, work or holiday here,” said Iain Lees-Galloway, New Zealand’s Immigration Minister.

“New Zealand is also welcoming more and more Chinese tourists with the number of five-year multiple entry visas exceeding 150,000 – an increase of 13 per cent in 2018,” he continued. “78 per cent of people able to apply online are choosing to do so, with one million people across more than 890,000 applications applying online since the service became available in August 2014.”

The service is available in Chinese as well as English, and gives Immigration New Zealand more flexibility to respond to an individual applicant’s needs and expectations.

“Immigration ONLINE is an example of the Government making greater use of technology to deliver better services to ensure ease of travel for people coming to New Zealand,” Lees-Galloway added.

Article published 1st February 2019