Most British expats will vote to ‘remain’

Nearly two thirds of eligible British expats will vote for the UK to remain in the EU at this month’s EU Referendum, according to a survey carried out by Experts for Expats.

The survey, which asked British expats around the world about their voting behaviour, found that 63 per cent would vote to remain in the EU, while 12 per cent remained undecided and only 25 per cent would support Brexit.

Robert Hallums of Experts for Expats believes the expat vote could yet prove crucial “Despite many expats being unable to vote, with the referendum too close to call, hundreds of thousands of British expats could yet cast the deciding vote – and they overwhelmingly want the UK remain in the EU.”

The survey found that 79 per cent of British expats do not believe there are enough facts being presented during the various debates, while of those looking to vote leave, only 29 per cent believe they have enough factual information to make an informed decision.

When asked to score the primary factors which could influence their decision, expats rated the benefits of EU membership as the most important factor with an average score of 8.5 out of 10. They also felt that trade agreements were equally important.

The financial impact of EU membership was seen as least important with membership fees only scoring 6.4 and currency fluctuations scoring 7 out of 10.

Article by David Fuller