Moving to Australia: Wake Up, Pack Up & GO!

Ever wondered how you’re going to move your life belongings from one country to your new home on the other side of the world? Then look no further, here is a step-by-step guide on how to get your home packed up and shipped to Australia effectively and efficiently…

When emigrating to Australia, it’s important to research replacement costs before making your final decision on the items you wish to ship. The cost of living in Australia is different from the UK and in most instances it’s more economic to take everything with you rather than sell and buy new things when you get there.

There are lots of removal companies out there, which do I choose?

It is important to look for a company that specialises in international shipping when you are emigrating to Australia. Moving to Australia from the UK is very different than moving locally because the materials are stronger and the whole packing and loading procedure is different as your move is for a deep sea shipment. One way to check that a company has the experience in this area is to look at their accreditations or the organisations they belong to.

How can I trust an international shipping company with my treasured household goods?

Look for these logos: The British Association of Removers (BAR), members of the overseas group will offer you financial protection via the I.M.M.I. payment protection scheme, a must in the current economic climate. The FIDI global alliance enables international removers to use the best facilities in Australia, whilst FAIM accreditation is recognised world-wide as the quality assurance standard for International removals.

Start the process between 3 & 6 months before you plan to emigrate to Australia, request a home survey as you will find that most reputable companies will offer a free no obligation home survey. View our six months removals checklist here >>

The estimator will offer you advice regarding the types of items you wish to ship and prepare a detailed inventory as well as assessing your volume for your quote.

How do I book an international removal?

We recommend that you contact your international removal company and book your removal at least 4 weeks in advance to ensure that you are not disappointed as most international movers require about one months notice.

Packing seems like a daunting process, where do I begin?

On the removal day leave it to the professionals, they will arrive and will start packing the items for your move to Australia. It is a requirement that all items must be packed into cartons or wrapped in internationally approved blanket wrap for customs purposes and to also protect the items. Export packing is an art in its self and the packers have normally been trained to a high standard, the materials used must comply with regulations and all packing should be completed at your home. It is worth chatting to an international shipping & migration specialist prior to this to understand the process in full.

So all my belongings are going on a big boat, what else do I need to know about shipping?

There are two means of shipping your household goods to Australia; smaller removals are shipped in shared containers, the transit time of a shared container removal will normally be between 8 and 12 weeks.

Larger removals will be shipped as (sole use) full container loads; the shipping container is brought to your home, loaded with your packed items, sealed and sent immediately to Australia. The transit time for sole use containers is normally 6 to 9 weeks.

What happens upon arrival?

Once your goods have been cleared through Australian customs, your goods will go through a quarantine inspection by AQIS. Once your shipment has been cleared by both government organisations we will arrange to deliver your consignment to you. Unfortunately due to the inspection process upon arrival in Australia, goods are always unloaded from the sea freight container and presented to AQIS for a quarantine inspection. Your goods will be delivered to your residence via a removal vehicle and never inside the sea freight container.

Don’t forget these two vital points…

Quarantine inspection charges
All shipments entering Australia are subject to a Government Quarantine inspection by AQIS. Quarantine examination, treatment and associated handling charges cannot be included in the removal quotation and have to be paid by the owner after arrival in Australia.

Customs duty, GST and immigration in Australia
Providing you have the appropriate visa in your passport, your household and personal effects which you have owned and used for 12 months may be imported free of duty.

For further information visit the PSS Removals, Ask the expert page.