Netherlands experiences record migration year

The Netherlands experienced record emigration and immigration in 2017, new figures show.

The latest immigration figures released by Statistics Netherlands (CBS) show that 235,000 arrived to live in the country last year, while 154,000 left to live somewhere else. The two flows have never been larger since official migration statistics first became available in 1865.

The overall net-migration level of 81,000 is also at an all-time high. The high net migration rate can be explained by increased immigration from other EU member states as well as by asylum seekers and following family members.

Nearly half of all the Netherlands foreign-born immigrants came from other countries in the EU in 2017. The majority of newcomers came to work or study in the country and were followed by their family members.

Returning Netherlanders has also helped to increase the immigration level. In the period between 2013 and 2017, an average of 30,000 native Dutch people returned to the Netherlands each year.

The figures also reveal that a sizable number of immigrants only stay in the Netherlands for a short period before leaving. The latest figures available reveal that 35 per cent of economic immigrants stay in the country for then that two years. This is because most economic immigrants are entering the country on study visas or short-time work permits.

Article published 23rd October 2018