New invention aims to make beach theft a thing of the past

Over the next few weeks, millions of Brits will head off on their summer holidays, both in the UK and abroad.

With soaring temperatures, both in the UK and Europe, beaches are likely to be packed over the coming weeks. However, while long days spent in the sun, sea and sand (and maybe stones) is undoubtedly exciting, tourists are being urged to keep an eye on their belongings.

Over 4,000 bags, mobile phones, wallets and cameras have been reported as stolen from beaches across the UK in recent years and these thefts happen everywhere in the world.

Yet a special new bag, launched by Tunbridge Wells-based duo Emily Gayton and Kristina Oliver earlier this year, could help cut down significantly on beach theft.

The Swymbag® saw an initial boom in sales with skiiers who were keen to protect their phones from wet conditions whilst in the mountains, are now being sent worldwide to holidaymakers heading off to enjoy beaches and pools.

A Swymbag consists of two main components. The outer neoprene Coolcover keeps mobile phones, passports, cards and cash out of sight. whilst the inner waterproof compartment keeps everything dry. The outer case also ensures should you drop your Swymbag in the water it will float.

The inner case allows you to use your phone in wet conditions whether that be taking phone calls or filming underwater. IPX8 certified, the case is submersible to depths of 10m/33ft for up to 30 minutes.

Every Swymbag comes with a belt and lanyard with safety break which enables users to wear it a variety of ways.

So whether you’re a lone traveller, a couple wanting to take a dip together or a parent who needs to keep both of their watchful eyes on children playing in the sea, the days of leaving money, phones, passports and other valuable items in bags, tucked under towels on the beach unattended could be nearing an end.

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Article published 24th July 2019