New record immigration levels for NZ

Net-immigration levels in New Zealand have once again risen to record highs, new figures show.

The latest Statistics New Zealand figures show that for the fourth month running New Zealand’s annual migration rose to a record number, gaining 49,836 migrants in the year to 30th November.

Annual arrivals climbed by 17 per cent from the previous year to a new high of 108,838, while departures fell 20 per cent to 59,002. This fall in departures can be largely attributed to fewer Kiwis moving to Australia.

The annual loss to Australia was just 4,500 Kiwis, the smallest loss across the Tasman since July 1994, and well down from losses 22,100 a year earlier.

The latest figures show that, in addition to fewer New Zealanders leaving for Australia, the other main driver of the net-migration gains was an influx of Asian immigrants.

Indian arrivals jumped by 69 per cent to 11,167 people, to be the second largest source of inflow, with total net migration of 9,967 people in the year, even greater than China’s 20 per cent rise in arrivals of 9,617, with total net migrants of 7,186. Australia remained the biggest source of arrivals, rising 20 per cent in the year to 23,001 people, although many are New Zealanders returning from across the Tasman, Statistics NZ said.

What’s more, it is estimated that the record net-migration figures are yet to reach their peak. The Reserve Bank of New Zealand expects net migration to peak at 51,000 early next year, while the Treasury, in its half year economic and fiscal update, forecast a peak of 52,400 in the March 2015 year.

Article published 19th December 2014