New South Wales Business Chamber calls for more skilled migrants

The Western New South Wales Business Chamber has stated that skilled migrants are crucial to the region’s workforce.

According to the chamber’s regional manager, Vicki Seccombe, skilled migration is ‘essential’ to the business sector of Central West New South Wales, which was struggling to recruit skilled personnel.

“Across Western New South Wales, businesses are struggling to fill key positions, and while there can be no doubt that we need to do more to train a greater number of our young people, Australia’s skilled migration program provides essential support that has kept many businesses afloat,” she said.

Ms Seccombe said businesses and the hospitality, construction and agriculture industries in the Central West, relied heavily on skilled migrants.

However, she also called for a greater effort to train more than 300,000 unemployed young Australians.

“In view of severe skill shortages, we must do more to train the more than 300,000 unemployed young Australians, while at the same time maintain a strong skilled immigration program that provides support for specific sectors and our regions,” Seccombe said.

The Business Chamber made its claim in the wake of a recent study which revealed skilled immigrants benefit the Australian economy.

Article published 20th April 2018