New Year… New Resolutions… New Opportunities…

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As the New Year approaches, everyone will have their resolutions for next year in mind, but only a number of people actually follow their resolutions.

What better resolution could you have for next year than exploring a popular destination, expanding your business, or developing your career?

Whether you are a company looking to expand overseas, a professional wanting to develop your career, or just simply wanting to explore another popular destination, tips on how to turn your resolution into reality are very valuable – and something that would not go amiss.

Barar & Associates has provided their top tips, based on many years of experience as a United Kingdom immigration law firm:

  • As a company looking to expand overseas, a detailed and insightful market research is a must. The company must have a detailed understanding of the environment they wish to operate in. Additionally, a strong, detailed business plan that addresses every aspect of the business is not only useful for the company itself, but is also vital on convincing any immigration authority of the genuine purpose of the company to expand overseas.
  • As a professional or a prospective job candidate, you must have a detailed understanding of the environment you wish to work in – more specifically, the field of expertise and company you wish to work for – because changing employers or jobs at a later time is an arduous task. Another thing to keep in mind is your ultimate goal? Do you want to gain citizenship at the end of the line? If so, gathering documents from the outset to ensure you meet the eligibility in due course would be invaluable; and be careful as to the length and number of your absences.
  • As a tourist, having a genuine reason to visit is always a concern for immigration authorities. Potential tourists must overcome the barrier to satisfy the immigration authorities of the genuineness of their visit. As a tip, it is highly effective if you show detailed evidence of your ties with your home country, such as jobs, properties, investments, family, etc.

Whether you represent a company or are a professional looking to work overseas, visiting the country you are interested in is one of the best ways you can personally ‘test the water’ or ‘feel the vibe’ of that country’s environment. After all, that country is where you might build and develop the next chapter of your life.

Season’s Greetings and a very Happy New Year! 

Robie Ramos, Trainee Solicitor at Barar & Associates Ltd

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