New Zealand immigration numbers on the rise

New Zealand has recorded its largest annual migration gain in almost ten years, new figures show.

New Zealand ImmigrationImmigration New Zealand data shows that in the 12 months to January 2014 the net gain in migration was 25,700, the highest since the April 2004 year and up from just 12 people the year before when the number of departures all but matched arrivals.

One of the key drivers of this migration gain was the fact that 15,900 fewer people left for Australia, during this period, while 5,000 more returned. The net loss was still 17,100 but that was down from 37,900 the previous year.

“We expect trans-tasman departures will remain cyclically low through this year while Australian labour market prospects remain weak and New Zealand’s continue to improve,” Westpac economist Felix Delbruck told the New Zealand Herald. “While the drop in departures to Australia has been the biggest driver of the stronger net immigration trend, there has also been a noticeable lift in the number of New Zealanders returning and in overseas migrants. Both are holding steady at above-average levels.”

Earlier this week the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand revealed that rising immigrant numbers would help protect the country’s property market avoid a bubble, by ensuring demand for house remains high for the foreseeable future.

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