New Zealand online visa applications pass 250,000 mark

More than a quarter of a million applications for New Zealand visas have been made online since the service launched in August 2014.

“Immigration ONLINE is helping to transform the New Zealand immigration system by delivering more efficient visa services and a better customer experience,” explained Michael Woodhouse, the country’s Immigration Minister.  “A rapid uptake in the last year has seen the number of ONLINE applications reach 261,000 – an increase of more than 80,000 in the last year.”

In the 2015 Budget, the New Zealand Government invested NZ$28.4 million to improve the technology to extend Immigration ONLINE.

“We are now seeing the benefit of that investment with 60 per cent of visa applicants able to apply online now, expanding to 80 per cent of all visa applicants from early next year,” Minister Woodhouse continued. “Immigration ONLINE is more efficient and often less expensive for applicants, which is why it is now the preferred channel for submitting temporary work and student visa applications.

“Immigration ONLINE is an example of the government’s commitment to deliver better public services by making greater use of technology,” the Minister added.

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Article published 2nd August 2017