Newspaper calls for more liberal approach to NZ immigration

An editorial opinion piece in one of New Zealand’s leading newspapers have called the “doors to be opened wider” for immigrants.

NewZealnd01According to the piece in yesterday’s New Zealand Herald, the recent strength of the country’s economy can be largely attributed to immigration – particularly from Asia.

Yet, with a steadily ageing population the newspaper argues that more needs to be done to encourage even more migrants to the land of the long white cloud.

“If we were to open the door to more immigration, the wide open spaces would remain,” the paper stated. “Most migrants come to Auckland and other northern centres. The South Island would retain its scenic expanse.

“But it is not simply a case of opening the door. Migrants need to see business opportunities and jobs here. Faster population growth is needed to attract them, slow growth runs the risk that steadily fewer will come. Of those that do not stay, the larger markets and incomes of Australia still beckon, despite the social benefits denied New Zealand citizens who have lived and worked there since 2001.”

The paper highlighted how America and the UK has benefitted economically when it has adopted a more liberal approach to immigration.

“Australia, Britain and the United States have been such magnets for migrants that all now are taking steps to curb the flow,” the NZ Herald noted. “Yet history shows Britain and the United States prospered most when their attitude was more liberal. This could be New Zealand’s opportunity.”

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Article published 5th December 2013