Northern Australia increasingly attractive to working holiday makers

New Work and Holiday visas introduced over the weekend will benefit those planning on undertaking short-term work in certain industries in Northern Australia.

With immediate effect, visa holders who undertake three months’ work in Northern Australia in tourism and hospitality or agriculture, forestry and fishing will be eligible to apply for a second Work and Holiday visa.

“Tourism and agriculture are key industries for North Australia and they often require more workers in their peak seasons,” explained Peter Dutton, the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection. “These changes will entice more young people to experience Northern Australia and support these vital sectors.”

Dutton continued: “This change will provide an incentive for these young mobile visa holders to visit and work in Northern Australia as part of their 12-month visa.”

The Minister for Resources and Northern Australia, Matt Canavan, said the measure delivers on a commitment from the Coalition Government’s White Paper on Developing Northern Australia.

“Our Government is the first to implement a practical agenda to develop the north, not only to drive investment and create new jobs, but also to ensure that people who live in the north have the same economic opportunities as the rest of Australia,” Senator Canavan explained.

“This new measure will contribute to Australia’s attractiveness as a top destination for backpackers and help support local seasonal businesses.”

Applicants will be able to apply online and will need to meet all legislative requirements including age, health and character requirements.

Work undertaken prior to 19th November will not be counted towards the three-month work requirement as the reform is intended to encourage additional Work and Holiday visa holders to spend time living and working in Australia’s north.

The changes apply to work undertaken in Northern Australia broadly including all of the Northern Territory and parts of Western Australia and Queensland above the Tropic of Capricorn.

Article published 22nd November 2016