Nova Scotia to introduce new labour market immigration stream

Nova Scotia has introduced a new immigration stream designed to address labour market demands in the province.

The new Labour Market Priorities Stream offers a flexible and innovative approach to addressing market demands by proactively seeking skilled professionals in specific sectors where there are recognised needs.

Initially, the stream will be used to target early childhood educators and future professions will be targeted based on specific labour market needs.

“Our immigration system must be responsive to meet the unique labour needs of the province,” said Lena Metlege Diab, Nova Scotia’s Minister of Immigration. “Attracting and retaining skilled workers will help increase access to important services such as early childhood education, while also helping grow our population.

“This will strengthen our communities and our provincial economy – benefitting all Nova Scotians,” she added.

The stream launches on 8th August and will utilise the federal Express Entry system by inviting qualified candidates to apply directly to Nova Scotia.

The flexibility of the new stream will allow for the Nova Scotia Office of Immigration to specifically address market-identified labour shortages and is part of a broader national and international recruitment strategy.

This new approach will also complement the Nova Scotia Office of Immigration’s existing streams.

Article published 6th August 2018