NZ immigration changes offer international students a chance to shine

Recent changes to immigration settings for international students in New Zealand mean there are now more opportunities for businesses to shine on the global stage.

That’s the view of ChristchurchNZ programme manager of international education, Bree Loverich, who states that businesses in Christchurch and other regional centres can now easier harness international student talent.

The new immigration settings are designed to attract more international students that are studying higher-level degrees. They also aim to attract this higher-skilled talent to regional area instead of just Auckland.

“Cities must compete for capable people which is far easier when that global talent already has a connection to the city, community and friends via education,” said Loverich. “Rather than recruit migrants via immigration skilled labour initiatives, international education develops a global talent pool of students whom are trained in New Zealand, in English, and are Kiwi culturally aware.”

It is estimated that by 2031, Christchurch will face a talent shortage of 73,000 people, so attracting and retaining talented workers is essential in order for the city to remain competitive.

To help international students into employment ChristchurchNZ has developed the Job Ready Programme, developed to support not only their pathways to employment, but to help small to medium enterprises realise the potential of the global talent pool.

“This talent pipeline offers the cultural expertise that Canterbury businesses need to scale and commercialise their products and services offshore,” Loverich concludes.

Article published 29th August 2018