NZ marks five-year anniversary of Christchurch earthquake

Today marks the fifth anniversary of a devastating earthquake which destroyed large parts of Christchurch – New Zealand’s third largest city.

“As we mark the fifth anniversary of the 22nd February earthquake, it’s a chance to reflect on how far we have all come,” said Gerry Brownlee, Minister for Canterbury Earthquake Recovery.

“From a devastated city and communities so badly affected, people have gone from strength to strength and an exciting new city is taking shape.”

Mr Brownlee cites the most recent CERA Wellbeing Survey, which shows more than three quarters of Greater Christchurch residents reporting a positive quality of life, that people are bouncing back and have optimism about the future.

Immigrants from all over the world have played an important role in rebuilding the city. To assist the regeneration of Christchurch, and indeed the surrounding Canterbury area – the NZ government have made it easier for overseas skilled worker to move to the area to live and work.

In 2012, the government introduced The Canterbury Skilled Shortage List (CSSL). This list highlights occupations that are deemed to be most needed during the rebuild in the Canterbury region, and facilitates the grant of temporary work visas for foreign workers with the required skills in those occupations.

Although there is no direct link to residence, for those who arrive in NZ courtesy of the CSSL, there are some occupations that are also included in the Long Term Skilled Shortages List and people in those occupations may be eligible for residence through the Skilled Migrant Category.