NZ net migration hits record high

New Zealand net migration levels are continuing to hit record highs, as fewer people leave the country and a steady number of newcomers continue to arrive.

New Statistics New Zealand figures show that net migration increased by 5,200 in October alone, surpassing the previous highs of 4,800 seen in August, and 4,700 recorded in both September and back in February 2003.

In the year to October the net population gain from migration was 47,684 – it has been just 17,684 in the previous 12 month-period.

During the course of this year, NZ has seen a significant fall in the number of people leaving the country – especially those bound for Australia. In the past 12 months, the number of Kiwis swapping NZ for OZ is down by 13,300 compared with the October 2013 year. In fact, the net loss of just 5,300 people to Australia in the October 2014 year was the smallest since the October 1994 year when it was also 5,300.

What’s more, the migrant intake level is also rising, mainly fuelled by an increase in the number of students coming to settle in the country (particularly from India) and New Zealand citizens returning to live there. Migrant arrivals reached a new high of 107,200 in the year to October.

Article published 24th November 2014