NZ on track to introduce new online visa application system

Those looking to make New Zealand their new home should be able to tackle the entire visa application process online by the end of 2015.

Bungee Jump @ New ZealandThe country’s Immigration Minister, Michael Woodhouse, has said that Immigration New Zealand is on track to introduce the new Immigration Global Management System (IGMS) –which will be known as Immigration ONLINE – by the end of next year.

Once complete, the project – which was started in February 2012 and is costing the government more than NZ$91 million to implement – will allow most visa processing to be fully digitised; right from initial application to final decision and delivery. It is also hoped that the system will make the application process more flexible, responsive and efficient for applicants.

“IGMS will provide new online channels for customers to access information and submit applications, and will consolidate back office processing functions,” said Minister Woodhouse.

Some third parties – including immigration agents and educational institutions – will also be allowed to access the system, with their clients’ permission, and it is hoped that this will enable all parties to better keep on top of all applications.

Although when Immigration ONLINE is fully implemented most visa applicants will be able to apply for a visa online, some applicants will still need to interact with Immigration Officials or Visa Application Centre staff to get their passports scanned, and they may need to personally submit their identity information (such as original documents, photographs and fingerprints).

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Article published 15th January 2014