NZ tops emigrate wishlist

New Zealand has topped a poll to find the destination most Brits would like to emigrate to.

Research undertaken by home furnishings store Hillarys, asked over 2,000 Brits where they would like to emigrate to if they were to move abroad.

New Zealand topped the list, with 36 per cent of respondents naming the country among their choices for a new life destination. Dubai was second with 27 per cent with the USA third of 23 per cent.

“Home is where the heart is – but our heads think otherwise and many of us would happily leave the UK for distant lands where money, work and housing prospects are better,” said Helen Turnbull, spokesperson for Hillarys.

Perhaps surprisingly, the Republic of Ireland was one of the ten most popular destinations, with 9 per cent of respondents stating they would consider a new life across the Irish Sea. In fact, Ireland ranked higher than France in the final standings.

The research also asked respondents for the main reasons why they would consider emigrating.

The leading factor behind a person’s decision would be for better weather, with 73 per cent citing an improved climate as a reason to emigrate. Availability of affordable housing, safety and better work/life balance and safety were also key motivating factors given as a reason to leave the UK. However, only 17 per cent said they would leave the UK in order to further their career or for a better paying job.

When asked what they would miss most about the UK, should they decide to emigrate, food was by far and away the most popular answer, with three-quarters of respondents saying they would miss British cuisine.

Most popular countries to emigrate to:

  1. New Zealand (36%)
  2. Dubai (27%)
  3. USA (23%)
  4. Australia (21%)
  5. Canada (19%)
  6. Greece (15%)
  7. Italy (14%)
  8. Spain (11%)
  9. Republic of Ireland (9%)
  10. France (7%)

Article published 17th August 2016