Overseas students in London at decade high

The number of overseas students studying in London is at a ten-year high, recent figures show.

According to analysis of data from the Higher Education Statistics Agency, the number of international students studying in the UK capital grew by 5.8 per cent on the previous year, to 125,035 students in 2018/19.

It is the sixth consecutive year that the number of overseas students in the capital has risen.

The London School of Economics now has more full-time undergraduates from outside the UK than it does UK students, with 2,380 from the UK and 2,630 from abroad.

Indian and Chinese students have particularly swelled the numbers of international students in London, with the number of students from these countries rising by 35 per cent and 20 per cent respectively last year. China is the capital’s largest international student market, with 25,650 students enrolled across London universities.

Scholars from the United States remained the second largest international student population in the capital with 7,460 students in 2018/19.

Lalage Clay of London & Partners, who carried out the analysis, said: “These figures are an endorsement of our world-leading universities.”

According to the British Council, there were 286,235 international students studying in the UK as a while in 2019.

Article published 5th February 2020