Overseas students still keen on MBA in London

Overseas students are not being put off of taking an MBA in London, in spite of fears surrounding Brexit.

International students make up 91 per cent of London Business School’s (LBS) 2019 Master of Business Administration (MBA) class intake. The overall intake consists of 432 students representing 62 nationalities.

It had been feared that the uncertainty surrounding Brexit would turn overseas students off the idea of studying in the UK. However, Sir Andrew Likierman, Professor of Management Practice in Accounting at LBS, said that the short-term effects of Brexit had largely been positive for the School.

“Students coming here have seen increased purchasing power (due to the fall in the pound), while LBS has succeeded in hiring excellent faculty for the 2017–18 school year,” he said in a video on the Brexit effect.

And it’s not just LBS that has seen increased numbers. In fact, about two-thirds of MBA programmes in the UK have seen international demand grow since the Brexit vote. In fact, at Imperial College Business School, international applications for all related programmes are up, some of them by more than 50 per cent.

The MBA is a prestigious postgraduate qualification that is highly valued by leading employers. The qualification is often seen as a route to promotion or a career change as the student gains an overview of key business practices and develops skills in areas such as management, marketing and accounting.

Statistics show that 94 per cent of the 2016 full-time MBA class had accepted jobs within three months of graduation.

Article published 26th September 2017