Oz grants more than 183,000 permanent visas

End of Year figures show that the Department of Immigration and Border Protection granted over 183,600 permanent visas in 2016–17 to meet Australia’s skill and family needs.

This is around 6,400 fewer permanent visas than in the previous year and is in line with the Government’s strategy of ensuring that migration levels are consistent with Australia’s genuine labour market needs.

Of the permanent visas granted, skill stream visas totalled more than 123,500 and family stream visas totalled more than 56,200.

The Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, Peter Dutton, said Australia’s migration programme is structured to deliver the best possible outcomes for Australians.

“Our immigration systems are flexible and responsive to the changing needs of our economy and labour market. The skill stream in particular helps to fill identified skill shortages,” Mr Dutton said. “The 2016-17 migration programme outcome demonstrates the Government’s commitment to sustainable and responsible migration to enhance our economy and bring families together.”

Article published 17th October 2017