Pauline Brady, Alberta


Name: Pauline Brady
Originally From: Oxfordshire
Moved To: Devon, Alberta
Visa Type: Temporary Work Permit, Company Sponsor

When Pauline and John Brady decided to emigrate to Canada in the summer of 2008, it was not a decision they had made overnight.

In fact, the couple had been talking about making the move across the Atlantic since the mid 1990s, after friends of theirs upped sticks and moved to Ontario.

“We used to visit them there at least once a year and we quickly grew to love Canada just from what we saw of it on those holidays,” explains Pauline. “Then, one day we thought, why don’t we just go for it? If we don’t do it now we’ll regret it.”

Just four months after they finally committed to having a crack at living in Canada, John and Pauline arrived in Alberta where John, an engineer, had secured temporary employment. Pauline says that getting a temporary work permit was not a problem and that they could have actually ended up in Canada a lot sooner, but asked the company sponsoring John if they could wait until after Christmas to make the move. Happily, the company accepted. Whilst looking for somewhere to stay while they got themselves settled, John and Pauline chanced upon a bed and breakfast in Devon; a small town located around 15 miles south of Alberta’s provincial capital, Edmonton, where John’s job was based.

They fell in love with the town immediately. “We’re only 20 minutes outside Edmonton, three or four hours drive from Banff and Jasper in the Rockies, and it only takes us six hours to drive to the US border,” says Pauline. “It really is a lovely town – much more relaxing than Oxfordshire, where we lived in the UK.

Today, the Brady’s are permanent residents of Canada, having secured nomination for a permanent visa through Alberta’s Provincial Nominee Programme.

Despite facing some extremely hard times in their adopted country – Pauline’s father died in the first year after they moved out there, and they also left their grown-up children back in the UK – the couple have no doubts that their much delayed decision to emigrate was right for them.

“Whether we move back to Britain when we retire or whether we stay here, I really don’t know at the moment,” concludes Pauline. “But we do actually love it here. The summers are fantastic and even winter is great. It’s just an amazing way of life!”

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