PEI targets more immigrants

The Canadian province of Prince Edwards Island will start attracting and retaining more immigrants over the coming year, the PEI government announced yesterday.

During the province’s annual speech from the phone, it was revealed that its main focus over the coming legislative season will be on population growth and rejuvenation.

Although the province’s population has been growing in recent years, fuelled partly by an increase in the number of immigrants arriving to live there, it still struggles to retain young Islanders who choose instead to move to the more popular provinces of Alberta and Ontario.

“We witness too many younger Islanders leaving the province for education and work opportunities, and many wishing to return,” the throne speech notes. “Sustainable economic growth relies upon the ability to increase our population, expand our skills, and grow our workforce.

Over the coming year, the PEI government plans to put in place “a comprehensive long-term strategy to repatriate, recruit, and retain a skilled and talented workforce.”

The province’s Government announced that it will contact expat workers and entrepreneurs by hosting events in Ontario and Alberta. Its aim is to increase the island’s population to 150,000 by the end of 2017, up from the current level of 146,933.

Article by David Fuller