Portuguese Government to protect rights of British nationals

The Portuguese Government has published legislation setting out measures protecting UK nationals in Portugal if the UK leaves the EU without an agreed deal.

The new law covers the protection and continuation of rights of British nationals and their families currently living in Portugal. It also covers access to healthcare for residents and UK visitors, access to education, exchange of UK driving licences, and the recognition of professional qualifications.

This Law will only apply to UK nationals who have established residence in Portuguese territory up to the day the United Kingdom leaves the European Union.

UK nationals and their family members residing in national territory will continue, on the date of the United Kingdom’s exit of the European Union, to be regarded as residents, without any interruption. They will be can permitted to reside in Portuguese territory without the need to obtain residence permits until 31st December 2020.

“In the Embassy we recognise that this is an uncertain time for the British community living in Portugal, but the legislation passed by the Portuguese Government should help UK nationals feel reassured about the continuation of their residency rights if the UK leaves the EU without a deal,” said Simona Demuro, the British consul in Portugal.

Details of the legislation have been made available in Portuguese and English.

Portugal becomes the latest in a long line of EU countries to have set out legislation protecting British nationals in the event of a no deal Brexit.

Article published 8th April 2019