Prince Edward Island aims to drive rural population growth

The Government of Prince Edward Island has approved 12 immigration business agents that will assist immigrants who want to move to the Island.

A key part of the province’s Population Action Plan is to showcase the opportunities and benefits of rural Prince Edward Island when recruiting new residents. The 12 immigration agents will help identify potential newcomers and explore living and business opportunities for them.

“We will partner with what we’re calling ‘endorsing communities’ – which are jurisdictions outside of Charlottetown, Cornwall and Stratford – that can endorse an immigrant applying to come to the Island and improve the likelihood of a successful application,” PEI’s Economic Development and Tourism Minister Heath MacDonald said. “As a small province, one of our advantages is that our population is interconnected and we look out for each other. We are confident that these immigration agents, together with our endorsing communities, will help make our new Islanders feel welcome in the rural areas of our province.”

The province’s Workforce and Advanced Learning Minister Sonny Gallant, believes that the initiative will help promote regional areas of PEI to potential immigrants.

“A significant portion of our most critical labour gaps exist in rural Prince Edward Island, so putting a sharp focus on the opportunities in rural communities will attract new immigrants to live and work outside of our major centres,” he said. “Effectively promoting rural PEI as a place to do business is an important step in government’s action plan to continue the province’s population growth.”

Article published 7th November 2017