PSS Teddy Helps Family to Grin and Bear It

While the thought of boarding a plane to start your new life can seem like a dream, for some, the actual reality of doing so can be a nightmare – especially for those emigrating long-haul with young children in tow.

After all, no one wants to be that parent whose child, or children, screams for the entire duration of a flight – a situation that can not only be stressful to you, but can also net you some unfavourable glares from fellow passengers.

This was one of the main concerns for one family – Bruno, Carole and children Anaelle and Flavien* –   who moved to Melbourne, Australia last year. However, thanks to international removals company PSS they need not have worried – and no they didn’t pack their children in a container, if that’s what you’re thinking!

“We heard of PSS via The Emigration Group during an early survey of our case to see if we were eligible to obtain a visa, and getting details on the procedure, etcetera,” recalls Bruno. “While we were there, Mike McShane (a Director of the company) gave my son Flavien, who was three-and-a-half at the time, a PSS teddy bear.

“Without being too critical, this teddy bear is not the best cuddly toy my son has,” Bruno continues. “It’s not the softest, not the biggest, not even the cutest, but something happened. A connection between the two was created on that day and ‘Teddy’ hasn’t left his side since.”

Flavien has been so taken by the PSS bear that ‘Teddy’, along with a cuddly elephant and rabbit, got to sit on his lap for the entire duration of the family’s incident free journey to Australia.

It wasn’t just the bear that the family had PSS to thank for, though. “PSS were so helpful with the move,” says Bruno. “We’d spoken to numerous companies before them, but are so pleased we went with PSS. The way they handled everything, both in the UK and in Australia, and spent time answering our questions, re-assuring us and updating us on the project, was fantastic.”

Bruno has equally positive words to say about the men actually came to his house and packed his belongings. “This was done with so much precision, efficiency and safety, it was impressive. It is not an easy job, they are facing the customer at a crucial moment when we are anxious, stressed to say the least and the way they handled their job was purely and simply amazing.”

The family have now been in Australia for just over six months, and the early days of their new life have been positive. “We have settled in really well,” says Bruno. “The weather and the fantastic outdoor conditions have helped.”

What’s more, they’ve even had time to thank ‘Teddy’ for his help with making Flavien’s journey so smooth. “The other weekend we thought we’d give Teddy some royal treatment around Melbourne,” continues Bruno. “We took him to the National Gallery, the Art Centre Tower, the Southbank riverside… He even had a cappuccino from 7/11 and an ice cream from Hungry Jack’s!”

Having avoided the angry stares from fellow passenger, I suspect it’s a cappuccino and ice cream that was well deserved.

*Surname withheld at the request of the family

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