Recently launched product aims to take on jet lag

If you’ve ever been on a long-haul flight, chances are you’ve dealt with jet lag.

The difficulty sleeping, daytime fatigue, stomach problems, and general “under the weather” feeling all plague hundreds of millions of travellers every year.

Regular travellers will have heard many conflicting pieces of advice over the years regarding what they can do to deal with jet lag.

Some of the more common methods suggested include visiting spas, using IV Therapy, massages, and at the more extreme end of the scale booking into a hyperbaric chamber – an enclosed space that is saturated with oxygen. It has been offered as a way to replenish your body with oxygen after a long flight.

However, many of these options are either a hassle or very expensive – and there’s little evidence they actually work.

Yet ERW claim to have developed a data-driven product that takes on travel fatigue — and wins. By combining trailblazing sports science with world-class culinary expertise, they’ve come up with My Flight Pack. The idea is to drink each of the three bottles provided at a specific point in your journey and enjoy jet-lag-free travel.Flight pack 2Flight pack 1

Rachael Kinsella, who tried out the pack on her recent trip to New York, said: “It’s such a clever idea! It was easy to take with me in my hand luggage and my husband tried it on the journey home. It definitely seemed to help lessen the jet lag, as usually he would feel awful for at least a couple of days and he only felt fatigued immediately after our overnight flight. Well worth a try and great to know there is something that can make a difference to jet lag for anyone travelling for business or leisure.”

The three drinks are labelled PREP, REST and WAKE. They work as follows:

PREP: Think of PREP as “super-hydration”. You drink it right before your flight to fill your body up with essential vitamins and minerals. This will be essential in combating jet lag. It basically prepares you to board your flight.

REST: REST helps you enter a state of relaxation and make sure your body gets optimal conditions for quality sleep and recovery. You can either consume it during your flight or at your hotel. You’ll enjoy the soothing benefits and quality sleep no matter which one you choose.

WAKE: WAKE gets you ready for your first day at your destination. It. Will help you focus on your preparations for today’s meeting or re-energize after a long flight.

Prices for the product start from as little as $15.99 for a single pack.

For more information regarding My Flight Pack, click here.

Article published 22nd November 2019