Residents of Manitoban city pleased by immigrant impact

Residents of a city in Manitoba believe that the impact new immigrants have had on their community have been largely positive.

A survey carried out by Probe Research asked 400 residents of Brandon if new international immigrants to the city have had a positive effect, no effect or a negative effect on the community.

The results showed that 60 per cent felt newcomers have had a positive effect on the community, while another quarter felt they brought no effect and 10 per cent felt they had a negative effect. The findings were similar to previous studies held by Economic Development Brandon over the past several years.

“What we’re seeing now is that our holistic approach to settlement is working,” said Sandy Trudel, Brandon’s economic development director. “It’s working for the newcomers and it is being very well received by the residents who are already living here.”

Official statistics show that Brandon welcomed 535 new immigrants to the city in 2014.

Brandon is the second largest city in Manitoba, after provincial capital Winnipeg, and is located in the southwestern corner of the province. It has a total population of just over 46,000 people.