Saint-Etienne offers purchasers best value for money

People wanting to buy a large property in France may want to consider looking in and around the city of Saint-Etienne.

A new report carried out by French property brokers compared what type of property you can purchase in 20 cities across France for 212,000 Euros.

The survey found that Saint-Etienne offered purchasers the biggest properties within that budget. The average sized property a purchaser can obtain for 212,000 in the city offered 151 square metres of living space. However, with a high employment rate and declining population, Saint-Etienne, located in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region in Eastern France, is unlikely to be on the radar of many investors.

The only other cities found to offer over 100 square metres of living space for 212,000 Euros were Le Mans (118m2) and Le Havre (111m2).

Unsurprisingly, Paris was found to be the most expensive city. The only type of property found within this budget in the French capital was a 22 square metre flat.

Bordeaux (46m2), Lyon (47m2) and Nice (50m2) were found to be the next most expensive cities.

The report was conducted assuming a monthly mortgage payment of 1,000 Euros over 20 years, which is equal to the borrowing power of a couple earning 1,500 Euros a month. This is slightly lower than the average wage in France.

Article published 2nd July 2018