Senator confident reform will pass Senate by Independence Day

One of the Gang of Eight US Senators responsible for putting together the soon-to-be-debated immigration reform legislation is convinced that the bill will be passed by Independence Day.

Independence Day

Independence Day

Democrat Senator Chuck Schuman predicted on Sunday that the comprehensive legislation would overwhelmingly pass the Senate by 4th July. “We’re going to put immigration on the floor starting on June 10th. I predict it will pass the Senate by July 4th,” the Senator told NBC’s Meet the Press programme.

“We’re hoping to get 70 votes — up to 70 votes, which means a lot of Republicans [will vote for the legislation]. We are moving forward because we believe in a bipartisan way this is so vital for America, and we’ll have a good bill.”

However, some Republicans have already responded to Schuman’s claims, stating that even if the bill does pass through the Senate (which they say will not be a formality), it will not pass through the Republican controlled House of Representatives in its current form.

“That Senate bill is not going to move in the House,” said Republican Ileana Ros-Lehtinenyesterday, while House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte has said that the House will only be prepared to deal with the legislation on a “step-by-step approach.”