South Island to offer residency pathway to temporary migrants

New Zealand’s Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse has announced a one-off pathway to residence for around 4,000 long-term temporary migrant workers and their families living on the South Island.

“There has been a significant growth in the number of lower-skilled temporary migrants in the South Island who help fill genuine labour shortages and have become well-settled here,” Mr Woodhouse explained. “However, due to current temporary migration settings, many of these lower-skilled temporary migrants have no pathway to residence.”

The new policy will allow eligible migrants to be granted an initial Work to Residence temporary visa, which would make them eligible for residence in two more years provided they stay in the same industry and region.

“Many of these migrants are already well settled in New Zealand and make a valuable contribution to their communities,” Minister Woodhouse continued. “The requirement to remain in the same region for a further two years after being granted residence ensures that commitment to the region continues. It will also enable employers to retain an experienced workforce that has helped meet genuine regional labour market needs.”

Woodhouse added: “My National colleagues in the South Island have advocated strongly on behalf their constituents throughout the development of this policy, so I’m pleased the Government has been able to deliver on our commitment to enable this cohort of migrant workers to remain in their communities.”

To be eligible, temporary visa holders must:

– Currently be on an Essential Skills visa for a job in the South Island and have been on one in the South Island for five years or more;

– Be 55 years old or younger;

– Hold current employment that is full-time and meets market rates and their employers would need to have no significant adverse record with the Labour Inspectorate or INZ; and

– Meet standard residence health and character requirements.

Article published 20th April 2017