Survey finds a third of British expats return home

New research carried out by NatWest International Personal Banking (IPB), reveals that a third of British expats who have retired abroad intend to return home.

The figures, compiled as part of NatWest IPB’s Quality of Life Index, show that 32 per cent of all expat retirees intend to return to the UK, with a quarter finding that their dream life abroad has not met their expectations.

Money worries, including a higher cost of living than they had expected in their adopted country, is the among the main reasons why some Brits have struggled to settle abroad, while a high number also found missing friends and family harder than they had expected. Three out of four expats also admitted they missed the British culture.

“It is important for anyone planning a move abroad that they make an informed decision which factors in both the financial realities of living abroad and considers the impact of living in a new environment,” said Dave Isley, head of NatWest IPB. ““It is important that people do not expect an extended holiday when they plan their new life away from the UK.”

Article by David Fuller