Sydney property prices record annual fall

Property prices in Sydney have fallen for the first time since 2012, new figures show.

According to the latest CoreLogic data, property prices in Australia’s largest city fell by 0.5 per cent drop in the year to February. This is the first time that prices in Sydney have recorded a year-over-year increase since the housing market recovered from its last down turn in 2012.

The median property value in Sydney now stands at AUS$880,743. The city’s property prices are now 3.7 per cent below their peak in July 2017, representing a drop in their median price of about AUS$35,000.

Over the last three months, prices have fallen faster in Sydney than they have in any other Australian state or territory capital (-2.4 per cent).

The country’s second most expensive market, Melbourne, also showed signs of a slowing housing market, with prices up a solid 6.9 per cent over the year but down 0.4 per cent for the last three months. Its median dwelling price is now AUS$723,334.

The strongest price growth in the country was in Tasmania’s capital, Hobart, which surged 13.1 per cent in the 12 months to February.

Hobart and Adelaide were the only capital cities which recorded property price growth in February.

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Article published 1st March 2018