Temporary foreign workers ‘help create jobs in Canada’

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) has claimed that far from taking jobs from Canadian nationals, temporary foreign workers actually create jobs for the economy.

canada_workersSpeaking in the wake of recent statistics which show that the number of people using Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) programme in British Columbia fell by thousands in 2012, CFIB director Richard Truscott stated that Canada’s economy actually sees more jobs created by bringing in workers from other countries because company productivity goes up

Truscott said that overseas workers are still very much needed, as there are sectors where Canadians just aren’t applying, and that snowballs into more job losses. “On the skilled side it’s often in construction, in trucking, some of the so-called blue-collar jobs,” he said.

He did acknowledge, however, that more needs to be done to stop unscrupulous employers hiring cheap labour from abroad at the expense of willing Canadian workers.

 “It certainly seems that a few bad apples have caused a lot of problems for many small businesses who are using the programme to meet legitimate needs,” Truscott said.
Responding to the news regarding BC’s fall in the number of TFW programme users, Citizenship and Immigration Canada spokeswoman Sonia Lesage said that Canada is still experiencing significant skills shortages in many sectors and regions.

 “The main purpose of the temporary foreign worker program is to fill acute labour needs only when qualified Canadians or permanent residents are not available,” she said.

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