The food and drinks most missed by British expats

Tea, chocolate and Marmite have topped a list of food and drinks British expats couldn’t live without.

A new survey carried out by grocery delivery company British Corner Shop on 1,000 expats worldwide, revealed that tea would be the most missed item and found that 48 per cent said they feel excited when they see products from home in their local area.

Gravy, biscuits, crisps, baked beans, bacon, pies and cereal made up the top ten most missed items.

Some of the more unusual food and drink items missed by British expats included one longing for pressed cod roe, one lamenting that they weren’t able to get hold of Tennent’s Lager and one who said they were happy with all the foodstuffs they were able to get – but their cat was missing Whiskas Crunch.

“Moving abroad can be tremendously exciting. But often it’s only once you’ve settled somewhere else, that you realise there are certain things which are much harder to get hold of,” said Alex Kortland, communications manager at British Corner Shop. “They may seem small and insignificant but sometimes you want that little taste of home with your favourite food or drink.”

He continued: “Short of making extra visits to the UK, or forcing guests to bring jar after jar of Marmite out with them, we’ve been helping Brits satisfy their cravings for the foods they love from Britain for over 20 years.”

The survey also found that 52 per cent of expats have a hankering for a traditional British pub. Meanwhile, another four in 10 miss the sight of the rolling hills of the British countryside, while more than half long for the classic British humour.

As to why the expats left the UK, the survey found that three in 10 moved away to accept a new job. A fifth were attracted by the lifestyle overseas, around one in 20 wanted a new adventure and three in 10 left so they could enjoy better weather.

Article published 7th November 2019