Top 5 Nationalities Buying Property in Spain – Taylor Wimpey

A new study carried out by Taylor Wimpey has helped shed light on foreign demand for holiday homes in Spain.

As shown on the graph below, the top five nationalities Taylor Wimpey have experienced buying property in Spain are:

  1. British (20%)
  2. Germans (15%)
  3. Scandinavians (14%)
  4. Belgians (9%)
  5. Russians (8%)

Taylor Wimpey_final

Interestingly, Taylor Wimpey have noted how diversified the demand for property in Spain has become with a varied range of nationalities interested in buying a holiday home here. This could be due to the lowering property prices across Spain, attracting people from across the globe to enjoy the Mediterranean sunshine and diet… or to smartly rent out as a second income.